How to enrol

2020 Term 4 Enrolments are open

  • Check the Timetable to find out which class/es you want to enrol in

  • Download and complete the Enrolment Form (either type directly onto the form & save to your computer or print & write).  Please read the entire form and ensure the signature section at the bottom shows the name of the parent or person completing the form - by signing the form you agree to our terms & conditions.

  • Check the fees payable on the Fees List. We can work these out for you if you prefer.

  • Email completed enrolment form to

  • An invoice will be sent to you once your enrolment is confirmed. 

  • You will then need to sign up to our online learning platform, movitae. Please see our receptionist or contact us via email for information on how to do this. 


  • All term fees are due by the start of the term, or for new students after their first class, unless an instalment plan has been arranged and approved prior with The Dance Studio Accountant.

  • Our 10% Early bird discount is only available for those who pay in enrolment week or prior to the end of the previous term. This is not available for payments being made via instalments. Any incorrect discounts taken off will receive an invoice for remainder of fees owed.

  • The fees list is available from the website or the office. This provides full details about multi-class packages and discounts.

  • Fees that are left unpaid on the last day of each term will be put in the hands of a debt collection agency and you will be liable for any additional costs associated with debt collection and recovery unless organised otherwise via our accountant.

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