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Andrew, Richie, Josh, Jacqui Cesan
The Dance Studio

Where it all began...


Owner and Founder of The Dance Studio Jacqui Cesan originally started Boyzdance2 to keep her boys dancing. Providing them with male teachers encouraged more boys to attend and before she knew it Boyzdance2 became very successful. After being approached by parents who also had girls who wanted to join in and with lots of ideas about improving the dance education in the private sector, Jacqui decided to open The Dance Studio Community Performing Arts Centre in 1999 in Dominion Road.

The studio started off teaching jazz , tap and boyzdance while also renting the space to other community groups and companies. In 2005 numbers meant that they needed more space and so The Dance Studio moved to Sandringham. At this time the demand meant they were now offering hip hop, contemporary, latin and ballet. Jacqui's 3 boys are now professional dancers and teaching at the studio where they started. 

"The Dance Studio started with a Mum and her 3 boys and has continued to grow as a place filled with creativity, love and passion."


Jacqui, Richie,

Andrew & Joshua

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