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Born To Dance

F e s t i v a l  /  A w a r d s

2015: Toronto International Film Festival

2016: Berlinale

Richie and Josh Cesan and Nathan Kara were lucky enough land supporting feature roles in New Zealand's first dance movie. A large number of members from Identity Dance Company were also featured in the film.

Tempo Festival 2016

A L L  T H A T

Momentum Productions Co-Director Kayla-Paige put on the top selling show during the Tempo Festival of Dance in late 2016. The cast included some of our Dance Studio teachers, Tessa Cochrane, Issie Cassidy, Jessica Watson, Lucy Peters and Rebekkah Schoonbeek among many other talented professionals. The choreography and diversity of each piece took the audience on a journey and was truly a breath taking show to watch! 


The musical

Richie Cesan was the Tap Choreographer for the 2016 Billy Elliot Musical which debuted in New Zealand late last year at the new ASB theatre in Auckland. This job required Richie to work with a range of actors, singers and dancers in preparation for the show. Richie's incredible ability to teach non-dancers how to tap is something that can only be learnt through many years experience. 

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