Extension Classes

For those students who want even more dance in their week and senior students thinking about dance as a career option


(12 years plus)


Students will work to strengthen their technical ability, flexibility, strength and stamina. You must be aged 12 years plus and enrolled in another Dance Studio class in order to attend this class.

Performance Groups

(by audition or invite only)


We offer performance groups for Junior Jazz (under 12), Junior Hip Hop (under 13), Intermediate Jazz and Contemporary (12-15), Varsity Hip Hop (13 plus), and Senior Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical (15 plus).

These groups participate in dance competitions and other performance opportunities including all our concerts

Auditions are held at the start of every year


(5 years plus)


Students will work on their flexibility and strength while following safe progressions to learn more complex skills and tricks. You must be aged 5 years plus and enrolled in another Dance Studio class in order to attend an acro class.

Students will work towards a medal test in term 3 and will perform in the end of year concert.

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