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Concert Week: Monday 9th - Sunday 15th December

Junior Concert

Theme: The Nutcracker 

Concert dates & times:

Saturday 14th - 11AM 

Saturday 14th - 2PM 

Sunday 15th - 2PM + Prize Giving (after the show)

Stage Rehearsals:

Monday 9th - Thursday 12th

Full Dress Rehearsal:

Thursday 12th - 4:30PM

Senior Concert

Theme: Concepts  

Concert dates & times:

Friday 13th - 7PM

Saturday 14th - 6PM

Sunday 15th - 6PM + Prize Giving (after the show)

Stage Rehearsals:

Monday 9th - Thursday 12th

Full Dress Rehearsal:

Thursday 12th - 7PM

Frequently asked questions

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through the iTicket website only. Here is a link to the tickets: https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2019/dec/the-dance-studio

Is it allocated seating?

Yes it is allocated seating. When purchasing tickets you will be required to pick your seats.

I have a family member with limited mobility, is there a disability seating option available?

There are 5 spaces available per show for those who may have difficulty moving up and down stairs or are in a wheelchair. We have these tickets held so please contact The Dance Studio if you need one of these spaces prior to the shows. NOTE: These seats must be reserved for those who really need it which may mean sitting seperately from your loved ones.

Does my toddler need a ticket?

Children under 1 do not require a ticket as long as they are held on your lap. Anyone over 1 years old is required to be in their own seat. This is a health and safety regulation of the theatre. The theatre manager is very strict on this.

Can I buy tickets through The Dance Studio?

All tickets must be purchased through iTicket - unless you require a space in the disability seating, please contact The Dance Studio directly. Limited spaces available.

Is my child required for each show?

Yes! As they are group routines with specific formations, it's makes it very difficult when 1 or 2 people are missing and causes alot of stress trying to re-block a routine on the day. They will be required to be there for all 3 shows plus the dress rehearsal.

Can I come back stage with my child?

If your child is in the following classes you may go into theb dressing room with them: Pre-school, Rosette 2, Hip Hop Beginners, Tap Beginners If your child is in Pre-school you can also go backstage with them, right up until the green room (you cannot go into the wings side of stage) If your child is not in any of the above classes then you cannot go backstage with them. There will be lots of teachers and assistants backstage to help look after your child.

Can my child come and watch the show after they've performed and do they need a ticket?

Your child is more than welcome to watch to the rest of the show after they've performed but they must have a ticket to enter the theatre.

What happens once my child has performed?

You have 2 options: 1. Your child can stay back stage with the class helper until the show is finished. 2. You can collect them from the sign out desk once their performance is finished.

When is prize-giving? Do I need to stay for this?

Prize-giving for the Senior and Junior show will both be on Sunday 15th Dec after the shows. We encourage you to stay for this as it is a fun experience for the students and a nice way to finish the year, however it is not compulsory.

Will I be told if my child is getting a prize?

Unfortunately you will not be told. If you are not at prize-giving we will save your prize to pick up at a later date.

How long will the Junior show run for?

We have estimated 1-1.5 hours with no intermission.

How long will the Senior show run for?

We have estimated 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission.

Will there be food and drink available?

Yes we will have a cafe there with baking, hot food and drinks. Nice Blocks will also be available as a refreshing treat.

Can I leave my child at the theatre in between shows?

This is up to you, however we do not have someone designated to look after the children in between shows.

What time does my child need to arrive at the theatre before the show?

Once we know how long the show's will be running for, we will email each class their required arrival time at the theatre. TBC closer to the time.

What will my child be wearing for the show?

This decision will be made by your teacher depending on their characters. Please wait for confirmation from them.

What happens with my child's costume in between and after the shows?

Costumes provided by the studio will be left at the theatre between every show. Your child will need to put it back in the labelled box after they have finished wearing it. Any costumes that your child is self sourcing from their own wardrobe are their own responsibilty, please make sure these are brought to every show and the dress rehearsal.

Can I take video's and photo's during the show?

No this is not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to turned their device off. We have a professional videographer and photographer capturing the shows. Photo's will be available for purchase from our photographers website after the show.

Are there DVD's available and when?

This year everyone will get access to a digital version of both shows, this is included in your concert fee for term 4. This will become available early next year and you will be sent a link via email.

Is my child in the Junior or Senior concert?

Junior: Jazz - Grade 4 and down + Junior Performance Group Tap - Level 3 and down Ballet - Grade 5 and down Hip Hop - Level 4 and down, Hip Hop Performance Junior Contemporary - Level 1 and down Pre School and all Rosette grades Senior: Jazz - SLS and up Tap - Level 4 and up, plus Teen Beginners Ballet - Elementary and up Hip Hop - Level 5 and up, Femme , Teen Open 1&2, Hip Hop Performance Varsity Contemporary - Level 2 and up, plus all Teen classes All adult classes Latin

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